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About HBC

We are the largest haxball content TV network and production company operating in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. #WeAreHBC

Haxball Broadcasting Corporation (HBC), as an integrated producer broadcaster (IPB), creates, owns and distributes high-quality content on multiple platforms globally. We operate the largest family of independent channels in Haxball and deliver our content through live broadcasting platforms and on demand via YouTube.


1st September 2019
Owned by
TresMedia UK (90%)
9Q Media Ventures (10%)
English, Polish, Spanish, Turkish

Management Team

Mikolaj Florysiak - Chief Executive
A short story
Mik has been streaming for over 10 years which provides him with the highest experience out of all on the board in that regard. In recent years he has managed multiple projects within the community and is the executive producer of HBC.
Key areas of experience
Live video production, agile project management
BSc, Applied Computing (Hons)
Simon Cozma - Digital Manager
Teo Susilo - Advisor
A short story
Teo became HBC's main investor and a member of the Board of HBC in May 2019. He has been running multiple successful businesses in Asia and around the world.
Key areas of experience
Business management, digital media investor.
M.B.A., Business Administration