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Television Production

Our main target is live broadcasting of tournaments and leagues around the globe. We feature multiple competitions on a weekly basis.

Video on demand

From low tier beginners to premium tier established organisations we currently hold over 3000 VOD content in our library.

Graphics Production

With a dedicated team of experts, each broadcast has it's own style and unique look of static and animated elements.


Homegrown talent has provided us with the ability to use commentators for different aspects in gaming as well as sporting events.

About Us

Hysbysiad Broadcasting Company

is haxball's largest media company and broadcaster by viewership, revenue and subscriber credibility. The company is primarily involved in haxball regional television producing, recently going into further fields for News Coverage as well as Music production. Initially formed in 2013 by the trio of Mateo, Mikk and Camillo as TVP Haxball and later Haxball+, HBC became Europe's largest provider for haxball content.


Focusing on a football styled game named Haxball, we are the largest provider of content for leagues and tournaments.

Breaking News

HBC cameras are spread around the world to provide the widest possible coverage of world breaking news events.

Mission statement

"We aim to provide a high quality and free-of-charge service to the haxball community whilst having a little bit of fun along the way."

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Special Events Production

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"HBC always have been class. They seemed dedicated to their job like if it was their passion. Very professional and reliable company."


Head-Admin at Hockey Stars Haxball League

"HBC can always be relied on to provide a professional and high quality broadcasts. Our most important matches are streamed on HBC for their commitment and dedication to quality."


Commissioner of SPHaxball.com